With a little help, Minneapolis kid's hot dog stand is here to stay

When 13-year-old Jaequan Falkner began selling hot dogs outside his house in Minneapolis, it was an instant success.

It's been two years and Jaequan's stand is back, bigger and better than before. But there was one problem: his business wasn't officially permitted.

But instead of forcing Jaequan to close shop, the Minneapolis Health Department got his stand officially permitted. Staff even chipped in to help him pay for it!

"It was actually really cool, because at first my uncle said 'we gotta be worried about the city shutting us down because we ain't got no license,'" Falkner said.

In the coming weeks, Jaequan plans to take his food stand on the road. He'll be stopping at the 4th Precinct Police Department., the Urban League and the Sanctuary Covenant Church.

Falkner's stand can be found at the 1500 block of Penn Avenue North in Minneapolis.