With limited seating due to COVID-19, fans find it hard to get Spring Training tickets

Many teams are now gearing up for Spring Training, but with limited numbers of fans allowed in the stands, some are having a hard time getting ahold of tickets.

With stories of people paying thousands of dollars in some cases to try and score those limited tickets, many people are changing up the way they watch the games for 2021's Spring Training season.

"This will be I think the first year we are going to miss Spring Training," said Dolores Mortier.

Mortie says she normally travels in from San Diego for the games, but with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, she hasn’t been able to score tickets to watch her favorite team: the Padres.

"Tried different games all different ways, and there was nothing,": said Mortier.

Many games, including The Padres, the Diamondbacks, the Giants, and the Cubs are all sold out. Meanwhile, the Reds, Indians, and Royals still have some tickets available.

Longtime Cubs fan Josh Rothberg says as a season passholder, he was offered tickets, but he turned them down because he couldn’t get his usual seats near the dugout due to COVID-related restrictions.

"I don’t want to sit in any other seats than the ones I sit in every year that I worked over 20 years to get good seats, instead of sitting out in nosebleed seats," said Rothberg.

Some still want tickets

Then, there are those who apparently don’t mind a good nosebleed, who stood in line for hours to get tickets to some of the available games.

"Got a couple of tickets for the Mariners. I’ll probably get a Cleveland game, a Brewer game," said one man from Washington state, identified only as 'Steve.'

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