WM Phoenix Open's 'zero-waste' event continues into 2022

Hundreds of thousands of spectators will be at the WM Phoenix Open and that means a lot of trash in Scottsdale.

The organizers have made the event as environmentally friendly as it can be, by making it a zero-waste event, and it was no small feat.

Organizers, vendors and everyone up and down the chain at the tournament is working toward that same goal. There are no trash cans in sight, only recycling and compost bins.

WM Phoenix Open zero-waste efforts

WM Phoenix Open zero-waste efforts

"Every night our trucks come in, take those to a local transfer station to double-check the sorting, too …" explained Janette Micelli, WM director of communications.

As a zero-waste event, they have signs everywhere and it is all color coated, educating visitors on how to do it. Water bottles and plastic go into the recycling bin, everything else, including plates with food, goes into the compost bin.

"It is huge for the environment. It is something you can do every day, the simple act of recycling. They get turned back into new aluminum cans or other packaging or plastic bottles can be made into shirts and hats and carpets, and it is phenomenal," Micelli said.

Since 2013, 10.4 million pounds of waste has been diverted from a landfill and gone on to its next best use. In addition, on top of recycling and composting, they store items for reuse, donate materials and convert everything else into energy.

It's a streamlined process, and it takes organizers months of planning to execute.

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