Young Super Bowl Journalist: Indiana teen flying to Phoenix to cover the Big Game

The power of sports, passion and kindness has landed one Philadelphia Eagles super-fan in Arizona for the Super Bowl.

"It feels awesome!" said Giovanni Hamilton.

In about two days, Giovanni, a 15-year-old with his own podcast, thousands of followers and a big heart, will land in Phoenix.

First, he will get a taste of the NFL Experience, and on Sunday, he believes he will witness the Eagles win Super Bowl LVII.

Giovanni, also known as Gio, is the host of ‘The Giovanni Show.’ A diehard Eagles fan, Gio now lives in Indianapolis. He has interviewed players from the Eagles and Colts, and wants to be a sports journalist.

Gio's dream is now coming true after crowdfunding more than $18,000 to cover 2023's Super Bowl. Fans from all over the country donated to help pay for Gio and his mom's tickets, the flight and a rental car, but the good karma wasn't over.

"So, I wanna gift to you two tickets as well, so your brother and sister can come to the game out here in Arizona as well," said Arizona Cardinals Tight End Zach Ertz.

Ertz, who won a Super Bowl when he played for the eagles, made sure Gio's siblings could go. For Gio, that means the world.

"To do it with my brother, who is a senior, and he’s graduating this year, he’s going off to the military, so to have this kind of memory with him and be able to do this with him before he leaves is just really great to have this," said Gio.

Colts owner Jim Irsay helped pay for the family's hotel room. Gio says he never thought his show would get him this far, and he wants to use his platform to raise awareness for an important cause

"I think we need to just be nicer to each other," said Gio, when asked about bullying. "I think that we need to fully assess what a bully is, break it down, and then learn how to fix bullying."

"The amount of people that believe in him as much as his father and I do, enough people to send him to the Super Bowl so he can get to work on ground is really amazing" said Gio's mother, Shannon Algarin.

As for his Super Bowl prediction, Gio is not wavering.

"The score that I've been telling everyone is 41-13 birds," said Gio.

Gio also said after the Eagles win it all, he hopes to get on the field for the Lombardi Trophy ceremony, and cover the post-game press conference. He said he will keep his followers updated through the weekend.

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