Arizona Interscholastic Association votes 5-4 to allow winter sports

High school sports are back after the executive board voted to allow the winter activities to take place.

The vote was close, 5 to 4, which means just one person switched their vote.

Last week, the Arizona Interscholastic Association announced they were cancelling winter sports because of the spike in COVID-19 cases.

Winter sports, such as basketball and wrestling will being on Jan. 18. While no fans will be allowed to attend games, the AIA has agreed to allow two parents or guardians per athlete.

As for athletes, they will need to submit a COVID-19 monitoring form, and show proof that they meet all the requirements.

Dr. Ross Goldberg with the Arizona Medical Association says playing sports should be OK if schools take proper precautions.

"As long as they’re willing to follow the data and putting in these mitigation factors in and they can do it safely, then yes, I’m all for it," said Dr. Goldberg. "If they can’t and it’s not working there, they have to be willing to change their approach or consider withdrawing from it if it’s not working."

LIVE VIDEO: Special Executive Board Meeting

AIA's latest decision came as welcoming news for some student-athletes.

"It means so much to us," said Taylor Gagnon, who plays soccer. "I am quite surprised because it’s hard to know that your voices will be heard, but it’s nice to know that our voices were heard, and we got what we want and what we deserve."