Behind-the-scenes of 'Thursday Night Football' at State Farm Stadium

Thursday Night Football on FOX comes to the desert as this week the San Francisco 49ers visit the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium.

This is Erin Andrews' actual microphone and this is where crews broadcast the entire game.

"We're in what we call the 'TV Compound.' We have six trucks in here right now. We have the NFL Network and FOX TV trucks parked together and this is one of the larger compounds that allows all of the trucks to be together," said Dave Hill.

Hill, who's the director of technical operations for FOX Sports, says crews start setting up Monday and they will work all day on gameday.

More than 160 people help get the football game on the air.

"Right here is director Rich Zians and right here is Rich Russo, the director, and over here is Colby who is a technical director, who I believe used to work for FOX 10 years ago," Hill said.

Directors have 25 different camera shots to choose from, keeping a close eye on dozens and dozens of screens.

And then there's sound.

"Freddy will have several microphones," Hill said. "He basically mixes the sound between Joe Buck and Troy Aikman."

From the time the game ends, I'm told crews have about two hours to break this all down and head to their next destination.