Shane Doan's likeness carved into corn maze at Schnepf Farms

High above Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek this morning was a helicopter carrying former Coyotes Captain Shane Doan above his face etched in corn.

"We planted the corn in July, it grew, we put the pattern in there, and voila, we had this amazing maze, which is just incredible," Mark Schnepf said. "It's an incredible honor for Shane and he deserves it."

The whole thing was a surprise as Shane had completely different plans this morning! He was going golfing with Luis Gonzales, but his real agenda caught him off guard.

"When I saw the maze at first, you're not sure," Doan said. "From a ways, you can't tell and then I was like, 'Oh my goodness!' I started putting everything together."

It's a 20-year tradition for Schnepf Farms, putting the likeness of a celebrity into their 10-acre corn maze!

Steve Nash, Muhammad Ali, and yes, Shane's golfing buddy Luis Gonzales have all been featured.

"To have your image on a corn field, it's pretty special, and Shane's a special player and person in the community, so it's a great way to honor him," Gonzales said.

Luis and Shane's family helped set up the whole surprise. Shane's kids joined him in the helicopter and you could say they were impressed.

"It was so cool! I loved it!"

Shane did too, telling us he feels loved and it's something he'll remember forever.

"The amount of effort that goes into doing it is incredible and then you look at the people that they've done and it's pretty special," he said.