Flagstaff residents keeping close eye on Museum Fire

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (FOX 10) - As the Museum Fire increases in size, so does the concern of many
Flagstaff residents.

Locals Marsha and Carl say it's disconcerting to look up and see smoke so close.

"I rode my bike up that road that they've closed down a week ago and it's just like, 'not another one!'" Marsha said. "It's devastating, there's just so many areas that have been burned."

Although the fire hasn't necessarily impacted local businesses, Fred Colmenero, owner of White Flag Coin-Op Laundry, says customers have been coming in expressing their worries.

"I was surprised I had some customers yesterday that were all the way camping at Marshall Lake and they were scared it was going to go all the way over there," he said. "That's quite a distance."

Even though the situation is precarious, many say they feel they are in great hands, especially with the upgraded Type 1 incident management team assisting in the firefight.

"I mean, I have friends who are out fighting it right now and I'm thinking about them a lot and wishing them so much safety and security out there," Audrey Cruz said.