Proactive, not reactive: Monsoon proofing your home's roof in Arizona

It's that time of year again – unpredictable monsoon storms will roll in.

One roofing company says before that happens, it's better to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to the health of your roof. 

The whipping winds and torrential downpours are upon us and now is the time to make sure your home is prepared.

Taking the brunt of the damage is typically the roof of your home. The best thing to do now is a visual inspection.

"First and foremost, when you're outside doing some yard work, look up underneath the eves of your roof. If you see any rotted wood or anything like that, that's a sign your roof is starting to deteriorate and water is getting into places you don't want it to. Also, inside of your home. If you're seeing any sort of water damage, staining on the ceiling or any bubbling, that's a sign water is getting into your home," explained Jordan Rueschhoff, sales manager at Diversified Roofing.

Also, look for any broken or missing tiles or shingles because one small leak can lead to major problems.


Another thing is doing a yearly cleaning of your roof.

"For water to properly flow through your roof, you want to make sure all of your gutters, all of the valleys of your roof, are cleaned out properly and that should be done yearly," Rueschhoff said.

All of these things will keep you from being caught off guard when the fast-moving storms roll in.

"Typically here in Phoenix, tile roofs are anywhere between 15–25 years in our experience. So we definitely recommend getting your yearly inspections done at about 15 years," Rueschhoff said.

One last tip is to keep your trees trimmed back and away from your home in case of broken branches, toppled trees and fires.