Amid pandemic, take out items become popular with families on Thanksgiving

For many people, Thanksgiving 2020 looks different as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

For 2020, many families are opting to celebrate Thanksgiving in small groups, and more are looking at takeout options. In Scottsdale, one restaurant is seeing a huge increase in to-go orders.

At a restaurant called Maple and Ash, a table was set up outside for to-go orders.

"We ordered some delicious food and decided to take to home and celebrate the best we can," said one person,

Last year, the restaurant had just 10 takeout orders, and for 2020, they are almost at 150. Some of the customers say pandemic or to, they may be getting takeout for Thanksgiving from here on out, since all they have to do is set the table.

Scottsdale restaurant had to end to-go menu due to demand

Such was the popularity of takeout items for Thanksgiving, that one restaurant in Scottsdale, the Liberty Station, had to cut off its to-go orders due to demand.

"It just shows what’s happened with the dining habits created by the pandemic," said owner Paul Keeler.

Keeler and his son, Matt, started smoking 60 turkeys on Nov. 23. On Nov. 26, Michael Morrison dropped by to pick up his dinner for two with his father.

"Normally in the past, it would’ve been a family affair. Everybody bringing something, walking into mom's house and you can smell everything cooking," said Morrison. "You could look at life and decide I’m gonna let it bother me, or you can say the heck with it, I’m gonna move on with life because that’s what family wants you to do."

The restaurant was booked solid for dine-in operations as well, with Chef Anthony Apolinar making enough for 700 people.

"Prime Rib on Thanksgiving. I’m not a turkey guy, not ham, if I’m gonna eat, I’m gonna eat one of those," said Apolinar.

The restaurant donated some food, and invited some to eat free. It's a little bit of gratitude in a thankless year for many

"We are in challenging times. There’s a lot of people who don’t have the wherewithal to go to a restaurant or order takeout, so we’re excited about participating with the community in that," said Keeler.

Keeler said when Matt was younger, they’d donate food on Thanksgiving, but since matt has to run the restaurant today, Keeler took his granddaughter.