Arizona grand jury indicts alleged Florida neo-Nazi group leader for disorderly conduct

A grand jury in Arizona has indicted the reported leader of a neo-Nazi group for a 2021 incident where he allegedly threatened some Black men at gunpoint in a Chandler parking lot near Dobson and Queen Creek Roads.

According to court documents released on Jan. 27, the grand jury indicted Burt Colucci, 45, on Jan. 4 on three counts of disorderly conduct. One of the three counts Colucci was indicted on is a felony.

2021 court document describe incidents

According to court documents released in 2021, police were first called to an incident near Dobson and Queen Creek Roads on April 19 for an argument between a group of white and Black men at a parking lot. Police were later called out to a second incident at the same location.

At the time, investigators said an independent third party that witnessed the two incidents stated that Colluci pointed a handgun at the victim during the first incident. Meanwhile, the victim said that during the first incident, Colucci threw trash at their car, used racial slurs, and threatened to kill him and the group he was with

Court documents state that Colucci was set to return to his Florida home on the day of the incident. According to a report by the Associated Press in 2021, Colucci was in Arizona for a protest at the time of the incident.

Colucci, at the time of the incident, lived in a city east of Tampa, according to court documents.

Colucci is allegedly leader of neo-Nazi group

According to the Anti-Defamation League website (discretion advised), Colucci has been the leader of a group known as the National Socialist Movement since 2019. The group is categorized by the ADL as a neo-Nazi group with membership scattered around the country. The same website noted that the group's core membership has fallen to about one or two dozen members, 

Official with the ADL noted (discretion advised) that Colucci was attending in an annual event that the NSM was hosting, which coincided with Adolf Hitler's birthday week.

"The NSM event, which took place in the Phoenix area on April 16-17, included a private gathering, a flash demonstration at a local park and a trek out to the United States-Mexico border. The event was not well attended despite the presence of three different neo-Nazi groups," read a portion of the statement by ADL.

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