Arizona mother publishes motivational children's book to empower kids

A Valley marketing professional and mother of two is releasing her first book, filled with affirmations and positive messages to empower her readers.

"Power Up" was created to fill a void in a certain genre of books.

Erin Stremcha says she wrote the book for her 10-year-old son last year.

"I really wanted to find something that was motivational and would be encouraging to him, and I had a really hard time finding something that I felt really fit the bit for that," Stremcha said. "So I decided to write something on my own."

The book holds 29 different affirmations and pep talks to encourage kids of all ages.

"The human brain - I know this is a little crazy - takes 25 years to [reach] full maturity," Stremcha said. "They say it could even take up to 29, so it was really an affirmation for every year that your brain takes to…mature. It also felt like the right age for when you really start to embrace adulthood."

Erin says she has a passion for mentoring young people in an effort to help them achieve their dreams and raise their self-confidence. 

"I started the book with 'You are loved,' " Stremcha said. "If you know that you're loved and there's someone out there that loves you and thinks you are valuable - all of those other messages fall right behind."

The mother of two says a few works of encouragement every day will help make a positive difference for children in Arizona and worldwide.

"I know…both of my sons do feel encouraged and powered up by each of the motivational things that are in there," she said.

Check out her book:

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