Bell Bank Park: New sports complex in Mesa opens doors to people across the U.S.

It used to be a plot of desert in Mesa, but this weekend, it's now home to one of the premier sports complexes in the world: Bell Bank Park.

"One of its kind," said Phoenix resident Angelo Hughes. "Like, I think this is completely raising the bar in my opinion."

The new park is 320 acres.

"We had basketball over here, pickle ball over there," Hughes said. "Soccer right outside. It's like [a] one stop shop for everything you need."

The massive facility near the airport has finally opened, welcoming 65,000 people over the course of three days.

"We’ve been to many in Vegas, Colorado, California, but nothing like this," said Chandler resident Debbie Villanueva. "This is fantastic."

Not just locals, but people from across the country are coming to visit. And it’s a trend that will continue every week.

"We’re going to have teams traveling from out of town, staying in hotels, renting rental cars, restaurants, shops, things of that nature, this is a great shot in the arm for our community," said Rodney Reese with Bell Bank Park.

Reese was brought in from another massive sports complex like this in Florida, but he says Bell Bank Park is in a league of its own.

"The size of the park, the amenities, the video packages…there’s nothing like this in the world," Reese said.

There's the classics, like soccer and basketball, but there's also futsal and pickleball.

"Usually we’re just in gyms, rent out gyms and play, but this one's made specifically for futsal," said Chandler resident Gabriel Villanueva. "Everything’s brand new, and it’s really awesome."

Families need maps just to navigate the new facility, and it’s actually still under construction. The main walkway will have restaurants, performances, concerts and events weekly.

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