Chick-fil-A debuting Frosted Key Lime drink on menus nationwide

FOX NEWS - Chick-fil-A is ready to bring its Frosted Key Lime beverage nationwide.

After what it described as a successful test run in Austin last year, the fast-food chain officially announced on Thursday that the drink - a blend of its IceDream dairy dessert, lemonade (or sugar-free lemonade) and the flavors of three types of limes - will debut on menus Monday.

"The Frosted Key Lime intrigued our guests because of its unique color and flavor combination. Once they tried it, they were hooked," said a team member in Austin, per a news release. "Frosted Key Lime also became a fast favorite among our team -- we would often drink it during our breaks."

Chick-fil-A further noted that the color of the drink, a muted green, comes from natural elements including turmeric and spirulina.