Children's Museum of Phoenix reopens with all outdoor activities

The Children's Museum of Phoenix is reopening after being closed since mid-March and there's a big difference. All activities are now outside. 

"We've been working on opening since we've closed, the exhibits team and our senior staff off the bat, we were like, let's start learning what's safe, what's fun still, what's educational," said Ernesto Munoz, visitor services manager.

They've added exhibits to their front lawn and north parking lot. A total of 20,000 square feet of fun. It's called Adventure Play and it's giving kids the opportunity to play and learn in a safe environment.

"These exhibits are inspired from the things inside, so we got building materials, climbing as you can see back here. And we added a new adventure with risk. We have a new building exhibit that’s got saws and hammers, so we want parents to be here and play with their kids.”

Hannah Kelly has been a member of the Children's Museum for a few years now. Bringing her little one once a week, but that changed once COVID hit.

"It was tough, especially during the summer because in Arizona, it’s hot and we can’t leave. There was not that option before in the past. Before COVID, we would spend the summers here. This is where we lived once a week. We would come at least," she said.

After learning the museum was reopening, Kelly immediately signed up.

"I think the number one thing of keeping fun. It's so colorful for the kids, but it's still very spread out, so it's safe."

The museum, located at 215 N. 7th Street, is open Friday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. General admission is $14.95 and all tickets must be purchased online at