College athletes officially get paid for name, image and likeness

For the first time in college sports athletes can now get paid for sponsorships, endorsements, and public appearance due to a new NCAA ruling.

Arizona State hockey forward Matthew Kopperud now a Barstool Sports athlete says he never thought it would happen in one day.

"You never thought that it would all happen on one day and just blow up. I think it’s a good thing for athletes because there are a lot that are popular on twitter, Instagram, tik tok where it can help them make money and get through school," said Kopperud.

 Student athletes around the country announced a variety of different deals with different companies and opportunities that weren’t available due to a risk of  getting kicked off a team or having sanctions against a school.

"I definitely think it's fair I think if your an athlete and stuff you should be able to make money off your name and what you’ve done so far I don’t think you should be restricted at all and now its finally opened up where athletes can make money," said Kopperud.

According to Krizia Verplancke she says not every athlete will cash in not and not everything is on limits.

"It cannot be pay for play, so what that means essentially is that any sponsorship or endorsement deal cannot be based on their athletic performance, what that means is it cannot be "hey, if you score a touchdown, you get an extra 500 dollars." That is prohibited."

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