Fans head back to the bars to cheer on the Arizona Cardinals, following COVID-19 guidance

Football is back in Arizona as the Cardinals won their first game of the season 24-20 against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, Sept. 13.

"It feels amazing to be back, feel a little normal, watch football, hang out with our friends," said Reed Jones, Arizona Cardinals fan.

Football is back and so are the fans who were left in limbo on whether or not there would be a season.

Still following COVID-19 health protocols, Arizona Cardinals fans wore red and cheered on their team at Majerle's in downtown Phoenix.

"Obviously I think everyone is following proper protocols. The players are tested daily. You can look around, no one is within 12 feet of us. It feels great, it feels normal. It feels great," said 12-year Arizona Cardinals season ticket holder, David Robinson.

He won't be in his normal section to watch his team play, but at Majerle's, he says this will do just fine.

"It will be a little different watching at home, but I ordered the RedZone for the first time so it shouldn't be that much different," he said.

The Cardinals will play Washington in Arizona on Sept. 20.