Gas prices drop below $2 a gallon

Gas prices have slowly been dropping; now you can find fuel for less than $2 a gallon right here in the valley.

It is the first time gas prices have dropped below $2 a gallon since early 2009, and people around the valley are loving it.

"Wow, I can't believe the low prices on fuel, it's crazy," said Steve Crosbie.

Fuel costs $1.97 or $1.98 in some areas.

"It was just like $3 not too long ago, now it's a $1.97, that's great," said Crosbie.

The reason, oil prices dropped, plus low demand and a high volume of supply.

"That's pretty awesome," said John Freseo.

The drop comes just in time for some extra money for holiday shopping.

Gas prices are expected to drop even more now that summer is over.