Gilbert Police: 1 dead following crash involving train

Gilbert Police officials say a portion of Baseline Road will be closed in both directions for an extended period of time due to a deadly crash.

According to a brief statement, the crash happened near Baseline and McQueen Roads, and the person who died was driving a car when the crash happened.

A FOX 10 reporter at the scene of the crash says there appears to be a white SUV on the track, as Union Pacific crews gather evidence.

It is unclear where the car was located exactly before impact, but officials say a Traffic Reconstruction Team will investigate what led to the incident.

Meanwhile, a witness said he was not parked too far away when he heard the collision, Harrison Sadler said by the time he got to the scene, he saw the train conductor come out to check on the person in the car.

"It was a loud bang," said Sadler. "It was something you never forget it. Almost sounded like a head on collision car crash. Pretty loud bang, like a gunshot, but ten times louder."