Glendale strip mall scorched in fire

It's a heartbreaking sight for a business owner. A two-alarm fire destroyed the Rose Market at 59th Avenue and Bethany Home Road.

Firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading to the businesses next door.

The market is now unrecognizable as fire investigators dig through the damage after it caught fire last night.

"There was like 15 firetrucks here, two of the big ladders coming over the top, it was engulfed really bad," said Randy Hooper.

Hooper lives across the street and saw the market engulfed in flames.

"I was worried about explosions, the propane tanks, or anything like that, but other than that they did a good job, they put it out really fast," said Hooper.

Though Rose Lane Market is a complete loss, just feet away, two other businesses sustain only minimal damage.

"There's a firewall between the market and the massage parlor, and from what I was told last night it did a lot to contain the fire to mostly the shop," said Eileen Wilkins.

Wilkins' husband owns the barber shop. She says the only damage the shop got is when firefighters broke in, to make sure the fire hadn't spread, plus some of the smoke smell.

"Our damage is very minimal, but looking at the situation here, we don't know how long it will be until we can open again," said Wilkins.

She says they do have two other shops and will post those locations on the door though they hope to re-open as soon as possible.