Gospel duo Mary Mary inspires Phoenix Suns Chris Paul's hand-written lyrics on shoes

A 20-year-old gospel song written by Mary Mary is brought back to life by Phoenix Suns Chris Paul.

Point guard Chris Paul wrote the song lyric "Can't Give Up Now" on his shoes to give him strength and the Mary Mary gospel group says it's honored.

"And somebody like Chris Paul to possibly win the championship, it's super exciting for me," said Erica Campbell.

From Mary Mary's first album, Erica and Trecina Atkins-Campbell say that the song is about victory.

"Like the song talks about when you're going through the Valley, your back is against the wall and you feel like nothing else is working out you have to remember what you believe, you have remember who you believe in and clearly Chris Paul kept the faith," said Trecina Atkins-Campbell.

Campbell says the song has been streamed more than 8 million times because of Paul, and the gospel duo is glad to be part of his journey as he continues in the NBA finals.

"I absolutely love it, and it's a testament to everyone who's trying, who's pushing, who wants something better. It's taken a long time. Sometimes you do feel like giving up and you just need that reminder that's it's going to be greater later," said Campbell.

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