Liberty Wildlife gives advice for monsoon season's havoc on Arizona's wildlife

Monsoon season kicks off in less than a month, and among those bracing for our high wind and rain is Liberty Wildlife, a rescue that focuses on helping birds across our state.

If you find a baby bird on the ground or a nest, you can return it to where you found it and watch if the mama comes back. It's not proven that human smell will keep the mama bird from returning to and caring for her young.

A biologist said that advice is good to know as we head into monsoon season which can disrupt wildlife, especially birds.

On May 24, it was another busy day at the intake window at Liberty Wildlife in Phoenix, known for caring for birds but will accept all creatures in trouble.

The orphaned baby bird room is bustling.

A couple drove in from Apache Junction with what they found in their stable. Baby quail.

Then comes monsoon season, high winds and rain tumble more nests and create havoc for wildlife.

On a windy May 17, Liberty took in nearly 100 animals.

If you find an animal in trouble remember W.D.Q, warm, dark and quiet.

Put the animal in a box with holes in it for air circulation and call ahead to whatever group you're taking it to to make sure they can care for the animal.