More than 200 volunteers build playground for Phoenix children

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - A playground built in just hours.

Over 200 community volunteers came together to meet the needs of the children who make this community so bright.

"These kids have a heart of gold and we're in an area that's 98.5 percent poverty and these kids aren't used to having something this nice," said Nick Schuerman, principal of Victory Collegiate Academy.

Since there are very few places for kids to play safely in this neighborhood, the school partnered with Discover and the "Kaboom Project" to build their dream playground.

"This is exciting, this is what fills our bucket," said Steve Bayans of Discover. "When you can really give to other people, it creates something inside of you that just makes you feel really good about what you're doing!"

It's design made special for the children.

"About two months ago, the kids drew out their ideas for the playground and we took those ideas and designed the playground that we're building here today, so it is unique to VCA so we're really excited!" said Cristina Perez of the "Kaboom Project."

"It's like Christmas day for them, they are just ecstatic," Schuerman said. "We can't get on it until Monday... that's the hard thing, so we have to let the concrete settle. So we have to look at it for a few days and then Monday we're going to have a big party and a big deal where they can come out here and start playing!"