New hotel opens in heart of Phoenix amid COVID-19 pandemic

A new hotel is opening in Downtown Phoenix, and it's the first one in the area to open since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Right now, our focus is to get the locals in to experience our lounge, our signature cocktail program," said Melissa Balthazor with AC Hotel.

The lounge features both Spanish and Sonoran Desert-inspired food, as well as drinks.

"Strips and Shrubs, a cocktail we made today, we sage with syrup whiskey," said Nomas Amaya.

Balthazor said opening up a hotel amid the pandemic has not been without its challenges.

"More on the supplier side, some of the businesses we had used to supply our linens and towels and things like that, so we were able to get creative and use other suppliers," said Balthazor.

Balthazor says they are banking on individual travellers, but are hopeful that if more area events like spring training start up again soon, they’ll boost business.

"Some of that business will perhaps start to generate again, both for Arizona Center and Downtown Phoenix," aid Balthazor.