Phoenix PD, community leaders meet for dialogue following controversies

Millennials met with Phoenix Police officials Tuesday evening to discuss community relations.

The pastors at the First Institutional Baptist Church put the event on, with a goal of creating trust again with police. They reached out to a younger crowd for this dialogue because they wanted to hear from millennials, and the different issues and fears they have with police.

This all came after the viral video showing police pointing guns at an African-American family during an alleged shoplifting incident. Pastor Stewart says -- he was ready to leave the viral video behind and see who was actually willing to do the work and come up with real solutions.

"Really hope and believe change will be made," said Pastor Warren Stewart with First Institutional Baptist Church. "We are not here to yell at each other and yell at the police. This is the community. This is not focused on city officials staring at us stone-cold in our faces. This is the community working together with reals solutions we will present."

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams was also at the meeting, listening in and sharing her feedback on the issues that have taken place.