Phoenix street crews busy with repairing potholes

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Have you noticed the ride being a little bumpier than usual?

"This morning, when I was driving to work, I did hit a pothole where I thought my fillings were going to come out. It was bad," said Thomas Weismantle.

Maybe it's not your car or shocks.

Maybe it's the road.

There have been a lot of complaints about potholes in Phoenix and the Valley as a whole, and you can let the city where you live know about the pothole and its location. After that, the street department will usually get out there and fix it, though it may take a little longer currently, because a lot of places are dealing with potholes galore.

The City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department says it's working hard to keep up with the pothole complaints that come pouring in daily.

"Potholes usually start with a crack. They are often made worse with traffic on the road. Eventually, you start to get a hole and once water comes in, it really starts to grow," said Ryan Stevens with the City of Phoenix Street Transportation Department.

5,000 miles in the City of Phoenix is a lot of asphalt to maintain. Wear and tear will degrade the road and cause potholes, but last week, Mother Nature weighed in with record-setting rain in the Valley.

"It's been a wetter winter than normal, so certainly, we're hearing more reports, but we welcome people telling us where there are potholes," said Stevens.

Crews will fill in the holes with what they call "Cold Mix", and flattening it to keep the moisture out, preventing the hole from degrading more. Stevens says they know where the problem spots are, but want to hear from drivers and others who encounter potholes too.

City of Phoenix Street Maintenance Requests