Revolver Records about to close its doors for good

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- It's nearing the end of the line for Downtown Phoenix's Revolver Records.

The popular record store is closing after 11 years in business, and on Friday, the store celebrated its last First Friday along Roosevelt Row, surrounded by people who have supported them for over a decade.

"We're lucky that we lasted this long," said owner T.J. Jordan. "Most small businesses don't last this long and I'm thankful of what we created with the art vendors here."

Jordan says it was a dream to open up a record store on Roosevelt Row.

"You can put a record store anywhere in a strip mall, but in this particular case, I wanted to put it in a arts district to elevate the art of records to an art status. I think we achieved that goal."

By 2014, however, Downtown Phoenix was changing, with new construction going on, and new apartment complexes being built.

"Condos with gyms in the bottom is not an Arts District, and what happened was that somebody in the powers that be that is way smarter than I am green lit things that didn't go with the area," said Jordan.

As a result, Jordan says Revolver Records is no longer the right fit for the area. However, he is grateful for the run the store has had.

"I love music, and I love passing along my love for music, and I was able to do that for 11 years, and I'm very proud of that," said Jordan.