Scottsdale man accused of disturbing act on school campus

A Valley father is accused of a disturbing act: touching himself inappropriately on the campus of a Scottsdale elementary school -- and police say this happened several times.

These are shocking allegations and there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered. The timeline for which authorities got involved in this investigation is unclear.

There is a pattern of indecency that police say they uncovered that may date back decades.

FOX 10's Matt Rodewald went to the Rosales' family home Tuesday night in Scottsdale. They opened the door for a short time before closing it. It wasn't clear whether Marcelino Rosales was even there.

Rosales was there to drop off his child at Navajo Elementary School. According to police reports, Rosales would arrive every single day at the same time and touch himself, sometimes within feet of other children nearby. The report also states he would use his child's backpack to shield everything.

Police were notified two weeks ago and they set up series of cameras and even one detective was there to see it all happen in person.

Neighbors in the area were stunned because up until this past weekend, they barely saw anyone.

"I didn't notice anything until the pulled all that attention the other day and now we just see people outside all the time. I've been here since April," said a neighbor.

A lot of police activity happened on Friday near their home and in at complex in Scottsdale.

The Scottsdale Unified School District stated that they notified authorities immediately. However, the police report made it clear that they were involved and this situation has been reported since August.

Police say Rosales has older children and it is unclear if they had to deal with the same allegations in the past.

Rosales could face 20 counts of public sexual indecency and disorderly conduct charges. Prosecutors say they are going to ask to withhold bond.