Skydivers land near Footprint Center on Oct. 30 to promote Suns, SWAY Energy partnership

On Saturday, Oct. 30, skydivers fell from the sky in downtown Phoenix before the Suns game.

They landed in a parking lot next to the Footprint Center all in an effort to promote a new partnership with the NBA team.

Usually, skydivers aim to land in an open field with plenty of space, but the dive was a little bit different.

Jason Peters, a professional skydiver, says, "It is awesome. It is not your everyday jumping deal."

He was picked up by a helicopter, jumped from 5,000 feet, and landed right next to the Footprint Center, the home of the Suns.

Why? It's all to promote SWAY Energy drink and its new partnership with the team.

"They are excited. Not just for the partnership, but to do something out of the box to excite the fans," said Donovan Dresti with SWAY Energy.

This, however, is no easy feat. The skydivers had to take the weather into account and not to mention all of the buildings in downtown Phoenix.

"We will probably be doing 60 mph on our dive to the ground and will translate to 250 feet across before we touch the ground," Peters said. Adding, "It is a pretty technical jump. A lot of buildings around here, wind conditions need to be good, not your everyday jumper is going to do this."

Each skydiver had colored smoke, purple and orange, as a way to amp up the fans and the team before the game started.

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