South Carolina woman arrested after 9 puppies found abandoned in trash bag

A South Carolina woman was arrested after nine puppies were found abandoned inside of a trash bag. (Credit: Spartanburg County)

South Carolina authorities have arrested a woman after finding nine puppies abandoned inside a trash bag. 

Officials said on Feb. 27, an animal cruelty investigator responded to a wooded area in Pauline after a tree service company found a tied black trash bag that was moving. 

The investigator untied the bag and found a cardboard box with nine puppies. 

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Of the nine, only six were alive. It's believed the puppies were around four weeks old. 

Officials then located the suspect, Tara Elizabeth Johns, who later admitted to the crime. 

Johns was arrested for animal abandonment and booked into the Spartanburg County Detention Center.

"We would like to thank the tree service workers who did the right thing by reporting this incident and for going one step further by volunteering to care for the puppies," the county posted on its Facebook page. 

"In Spartanburg County, when it comes to individuals mistreating animals, everyone needs to be put on notice," Environmental Enforcement Director Jamie Nelson said. "Environmental Enforcement Officers will investigate and utilize all available laws in our toolbox to seek justice."

This story was reported from Los Angeles.