Take a tour of downtown Phoenix's new mixed-use high-rise

Kenect is a brand new mixed-use high-rise in downtown Phoenix. You can live there, work there or even get a social membership, once it opens in April.

The high-rise is 23-stories high and close to 8,000 square feet of ground-floor retail and co-working spaces.

Carroll VanHook is the director of leasing and marketing with Kenect and says they decided to build in Phoenix because it’s booming.

"So many large and small tech companies are coming here. Small startups are coming here, people are wanting that city feel," she said.

Kenect developed the mixed-use concept 10 years ago.

In the Phoenix building, there are 320 living units ranging from studio apartments to co-living units.

VanHook says they offer a smaller footprint because they’re targeting traveling professionals and those who live the "on the go" lifestyle.

"This is for somebody who wants to really nice space, all the amenities and be around people because we’re a social club and we’re so hungry to bring that back with the climate and in the world today. That part of Kenect is having that really thoughtful programming from professional chef demonstration, live music venues and networking events," VanHook explained.

What sets them apart are the coworking spaces.

"You can have a floating desk ... which is a normal open co-working. You can come in sit at a table, sit at the coffee bar, sit at some private desks. There are also private offices. So this is where a small company or a growing company, maybe a small start-up, can have up to one desk, up to a 10-desk office," she explained.

Learn more about Kenect here https://www.kenectphoenix.com/