Tempe businesses surprised with COVID-19 PPE to help offset costs

The city of Tempe is helping its small businesses struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic through volunteers delivering different types of PPE to those businesses, helping them with their costs.

It costs a lot of money for small businesses to continuously supply masks, hand sanitizer and other items for their employees and customers.

The deliveries they received Tuesday, Feb. 9, were a big help.

Rango Honey in Tempe is always giving back. It's part of its mission, along with creating delicious honey. It also provides job training and independent living services for adults with autism.

"We give them new skills and things they can do. Everyone needs a purpose," says Lorrie Innes with Rango Honey.

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It's in the Rango Honey's nature to help and that is why they stepped up as volunteers to help the city of Tempe deliver PPE equipment to other small businesses in the community.

"We are going through masks, gloves, hand sanitizer like crazy so every little bit helps and we do want to keep everyone safe and keep our businesses open and prosper and do those the things you want to do," Innes says.

Rango Honey, along with other volunteers, collected masks, hand sanitizer and other items and delivered them. The efforts were all funded by the city.

Three hundred kits with 50 masks and a few liters of hand sanitizer were delivered. "It was a super simple and quick way to help our community," Innes said.