The newest home for honeybees: Tanger Outlets in Glendale

It's buzzing over at Tanger Outlets in Glendale - literally.

A honeybee hive is being installed on the roof of the west Valley outlet mall in an effort to provide a habitat for the state's declining bee population.

"We are eager to begin this exciting new season with our winged residents," said Tanger Outlets Phoenix Marketing Director Kate Hansen in a statement. "These upcoming workshops and hive visits will be an engaging way to teach our shoppers and team members about the vital part honeybees play in our community’s ecosystem."

Shoppers won't need beekeeping suits - since the hive is being installed on the roof, the bees are expected to stay out of the way of the actual shopping area.

The new hive is expected to produce around 100 jars of honey per year and will pollinate flowers within a 3-mile radius, according to Hansen.

The mall, in a partnership with beekeeping company Alvéole, will offer family events and workshops to teach visitors about the pollinators.

More about the bees:

Upcoming workshops: