Valley Metro: 'Masks are optional and no longer required for riders or employees'

The federal mask mandate for travelers has ended after a judge struck down the requirement, saying it was unlawful.

Much of the focus has been on planes, but this also impacts other public transportation, such as buses and light rail.

How often do we fly? Maybe a couple of times a year for the average person, but the riders of the light rail and buses – these are often every day commutes, so this ruling impacts them a lot more.

On April 18, Valley Metro officials said the mask mandate was still in effect, but the following day, the transit agency sent out a tweet saying like Sky Harbor Airport, they are no longer enforcing mask wearing, but added to please respect the ride and your fellow passengers on board.

I talked with a lot of passengers. Some were happy the mandate was gone, but many said they're still going to wear their masks. Others said they'll play it by ear.

I spoke with a nursing student as she got on the light rail. She said she'll be wearing her mask.

"A little scared. Still have it. Still going to wear it. Nursing major. So I just believe take every precaution you can to protect yourself and protect others. Until we know more about it. I mean it’s been two years, but I feel like every day stuff is changing, and it’s just a mask."

We reached to Valley Metro for more specifics, but they haven't responded to us yet. 

Again, Sky Harbor is no longer enforcing mask use at the airport.

The White House confirmed the court ruling means that for now, the mask order "is not in effect at this time."

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