Iowa school mask mandates allowed, judge rules

A federal judge has ordered the state of Iowa to immediately halt enforcement of a law passed in May that prevents school boards from ordering masks to be worn to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Arizona interest in anti-mask school vouchers outpaces funds

Republican lawmakers who back expansion of the state’s existing voucher program doubt any students who receive the grants will be forced back into public schools when the federal cash is exhausted. Opponents of the school voucher program suspect that is highly likely.

Hostile school board meetings have members calling it quits

A growing number of school board members are resigning or questioning their willingness to serve as meetings have devolved into shouting contests between deeply political constituencies over how racial issues are taught, masks in schools, and COVID-19 vaccines and testing requirements.

Parent of 12-year-old in ICU urges Polk County to take up mask mandates

The debate over masks mandates in schools was reignited Tuesday night at the Polk County school board meeting. The issue wasn't on the agenda, but parents on both sides of the issue still had a lot to say, including the father of a 12-year-old boy who is in the ICU battling COVID-19.