White Castle in Arizona becomes Fright Castle on Google Maps

White Castle in Scottsdale
The White Castle in Scottsdale, Arizona, has undergone a transformation on Google Street View. (Google Maps/FOX News)


There’s something scary about square hamburgers.

Everyone likes getting into the Halloween spirit, even fast-food companies. While most restaurants may put up some decorations, one White Castle location is using technology to bring the scares.

The White Castle in Scottsdale, Arizona, has undergone a transformation on Google Street View. According to a press release, actual photos of the location were enhanced on the global map searching site.

In the image, a large full moon can be seen looming over the restaurant, whose name has been changed to "Fright Castle." Also, tombstones have been added to the building’s front yard and large spiders appear to be roaming the area.

Ghostly apparitions can be seen hanging out in the outdoor dining area.

The image can be seen by searching for the location on Google Maps. Images of the interior of the restaurant have also been altered to include ghosts, spiders and headless workers in the kitchen.

"Halloween is a spooktacular time to treat our Cravers to some dealicious offers," said Jamie Richardson, a vice president at White Castle. "And if we create a little mischief in the process, so be it!"

To go along with the haunted imagery, White Castle will be offering free delivery on Doordash orders over $15. The chain is also offering $5 off its 20-Slider Crave Clutch when ordered through Uber Eats, DoorDash, Postmates or Grubhub. Both of these offers will be available through October 31.

So far, no widespread reports of actual supernatural activity have been reported from the White Castle location in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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