Wild animals accidentally killed in Scottsdale as some neighbors use rat poisoning to kill rats

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Wild animals are being accidentally killed in Scottsdale, as some neighbors use rat poisoning to kill off rodents. Now, wildlife officials are hoping to spread awareness about the dangers of the poison.

"It happens very regularly," said Arizona Game and Fish Veterinarian Anne Justice-Allen.

There is such a thing as second hand poisoning, and for people who have a rat problem, chances are they lay out poison to end the threat. However, officials at Arizona Game and Fish say they're doing something else."

"The Great Horned Owls and the bobcats are getting poisoned by eating poisoned rats," said Justice-Allen.

This was the case in November, when an Ahwatukee woman found a dead owl in her front yard, and it was determined that it ate a rat who had ingested poison.

"We've had a number of birds and now one bobcat that have been submitted to the department that appear to have been poisoned by anti-coagulant rodenticides," said Justice-Allen.

Game and Fish officials say Valley residents should find ways to avoid rodenticides, and that might mean finding a different exterminator.

"Great Horn Owls and bobcats will help keep pests like roof rats down, and the best thing to do is to follow the labels that they don't have unintended consequences," said Justice-Allen.