Woman asks for help, as she searches for dog that helps her cope with debilitating illness

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- If you've ever had a pet, you know how tough it is when your pet goes missing. Now, a Valley woman is feeling that this holiday season.

Crystel Lowery's Yorkie, who helps her cope with a debilitating disease, disappeared last week. She is desperate to find him, and hopes spreading her story will help bring him home.

Lowery, who is devastated, thinks someone may have stolen her beloved dog, Kash, but she is just trying at this point to get his picture out there in hopes that someone has seen the dog.

"I just hope hes not hungry cold at night sleeping outside on the ground," said Lowery. "I just want him to be safe."

Lowery lives with lupus, an autoimmune disease. She says Kash made her days easier, not only through companionship, but she says Kash would alert her if she was heading for a health crisis.

"He's been trained to determine when I get sick," said Lowery. "He'll let me know, he'll snuzzle or bark really loud. He'll let me know that I need to get to the hospital."

While cooking early Friday morning, Lowery says she accidentally burned food, causing her apartment to fill with smoke. She opened the door to air it out, and she and Kash walked outside her door.

"It's like he vanished. I couldn't find him," said Lowery. "It was sad. I know he's sad, 'cause he's, like, where's my mom?"

Lowery fears that someone in the area picked up the small Yorkie and drove away.

"I was, like, maybe somebody can put his face on TV, and I can get him back because I need him back really bad," said Lowery. "I've been crying since Friday."

Kash is not microchipped, but does have a collar. Lowery says she was completing a therapy dog program to have him certified as a service animal. If you find Kash, or think you've seen him, please call the office at the Lilly Garden Apartments in Phoenix.