ASU gets ready for Territorial Cup game

TEMPE,Ariz. (KSAZ) -- Arizona State versus the University of Arizona is the ultimate college football duel in the desert, and one thing that tends to happen with this bitter rivalry is attempts to tamper with the "A" on "A" Mountain.

With the Territorial Cup happening this weekend, it is important for some ASU fans to keep the "A" on "A" Mountain gold.

The golden "A" is a symbol of pride for ASU, but some U of A fans would seek to paint it red and blue. Sun devil faithfuls like Damian, Jennifer, Duncan and Nora Cueto are on guard.

"It has to stay yellow," said Damian. "Got to keep it gold and maroon. Gotta keep it. It is the students' job to keep this mountain safe."

"It is essential this stays yellow," said Barb Alexander. "These kids should be out here crowding around, not leaving it up to me."

A hike up "A" mountain for a check of the security situation shows no credible threat, but then, of course, it was daytime, and only the most brazen wildcat would dare to desecrate the "A" at that time. The test will come once darkness falls.

Meanwhile, come gameday in Tucson, one bar in Tempe will have a strict dress code.

"No U of A gear in here," said Nick Nicholas, owner of College Bar and Grill. "No Wildcat behavior. No bearin' down. If you come in in neutral colors, you have to sing the fight song."

If this sounds familiar, it's because Nicholas first tried the it in February for basketball.