Arizona college professor sets off for Ukraine with supplies amid ongoing Russian invasion

A Ukrainian American who lives in the Phoenix area is heading back to his homeland to help the war-torn country, and he was able to pack plenty of supplies that will help families and troops there amid the ongoing Russian invasion.

On the afternoon of May 11, Dmitri Logvinenko boarded a plane, for a trip that will first take him to Warsaw, Poland. From there he will make his way to Ukraine.

The college professor has lived in the Valley for 30 years, and he said once his classes finished up, he booked a flight. Before that, he poured his heart into helping with the war effort from America, by organizing art sales to raise money, and organizing a petition for the U.S. to transfer combat jets to Ukraine.

As Logvinenko planned his flight, Phoenix's Ukrainian community heard he was going, and that was when his bag count started to get bigger, as he collected items to take to family members and the soldiers.

"Some medical supplies, some supplies for Ukrainian Forces and Army, some stuff from people who ask me to send to their parents, friends, and relatives. Medicines, mostly," said Logvinenko.

10 checked bags, as one can imagine, would be very expensive, but officials with United let him check 5 of those bags for free.

As for Logvinenko, he is expected to arrive in Warsaw on May 12. He is expected to be in Ukraine for a month.