Arizona couple who sold cheap gas during the summer now offering free rides to senior citizens in need

A gas station in the Phoenix area that is known for selling cheap gas is now giving seniors a break by offering them free rides to get important supplies.

The service can be used by anyone over 60 who lives within a 10-mile radius of Jaswinder Singh and Ramandeep Kaur's store, and the they will drive those who use the service to the airport, bank or pharmacy if they need a ride, for no charge.

Singh and his wife Kaur know there are a lot of charities out there, but they couldn’t find one offering free rides to local seniors in need.

As a result, they started CK Community Services. "CK" stands for "Chardi Kala" in Punjabi, which means "Positive Attitude."

"Especially our elderly people, they really need help," said Kaur. "They’re alone, they need help."

"Sometimes, they tell us they don’t have rides, but they still come here to appreciate what we are doing. So that’s what we are thinking, so we can help them in a different way," said Singh.

Both Singh and Kaur are from India, and they say service to humanity is a pillar of their Sikh religious faith.

"A lot of people are doing food, a lot of people are doing clothing," said Singh. "I did gas, and now I'm starting this project."

The couple are asking for donations to buy more cars, and for other volunteers to help drive the seniors.

"If we help each other, then we make the whole world better," said Singh.

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