Gas prices: Phoenix station selling fuel for $3.99 per gallon

Gas prices continue their downward trend and one Valley gas station is taking things a step further.

CK Food Mart is located at 20th Street and Osborn Road in Phoenix. The owners of the gas station first lowered gas prices last month, charging $4.99 per gallon when the average was close to $6.

Now that gas prices have declined, they just lowered their price again – to $3.99 per gallon.

Customers are flocking to the family-owned gas station. The owners say that although they are losing money by dropping the price of gas so low, they are more proud and grateful to be able to help people in their community.

Many customers we spoke to at CK Food Mart are taxi drivers, Uber and Lyft drivers, and DoorDash drivers. They say they are all so happy to be able to gas up here. One driver said he saves more than $10 every time he fills up, and that the savings add up. 

The CK Food Mart owners don't have a time frame for how long the price for gas will stay at $3.99 per gallon, but they say they hope gas prices will continue to drop, eventually to his price.

"We do DoorDash and Instacart. This is the cheapest gas to save your money. There’s no place else that’s cheaper," says customer Carla Mancinas.

"All USA, we are the only one $3.99," says CK Food Mart owner Jaswinder Singh. "We don’t care about the money right now. People need help right now."

Tyrone Johnson says every little bit adds up.

"I’m saving about $10, but in the long run, I’m saving about $50 a month," he said.

As Singh's customers happily fill their tanks, he says he also hopes to fill customers with faith in humanity.

"I am here since 1998, still working. If you don’t make money, it doesn’t matter. When you leave this world, you have to go empty-handed," Singh said. "I am not that rich, but I am rich from my heart."


Nationwide and Arizona average gas prices (AAA)

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