'It's worth it': Georgia gas station loses nearly $12K selling discounted gas

The high price of fuel has caused a lot of pain for drivers across the country, so one Georgia gas station gave back to the community on the Fourth of July with heavily discounted gas.

On Monday, the A to Z Food Mart in Hinesville, Georgia dropped the price to less than $2 a gallon - less than half the average price in the Peach State, WTOC reported.

People lined up around the block and waited for hours to fill up at the Chevron gas station off of West Oglethorpe Parkway.

 "Everyone’s wallet’s taking a hit right now in 2022, so the least we can do as a locally, independently owned convenient store is give back for the community," Ravi Patel, the owner of the gas station, told WTOC.

The sale of gas lasted for just three hours. In that time, Patel estimated he lost around $12,000.

But Patel says it's worth the price to see smiles on his customers' faces.

According to AAA, the average price of a gallon of unleaded gas in Georgia is $4.26 - around half a dollar less than the national average of $4.752 a gallon.

Georgia's price is around two cents less than Wednesday, 10 cents less than a week ago, seven cents less than a month ago, and around $1.30 more than the same time in 2021.

The most expensive gas in the state is in Atlanta, Hinesville-Fort Stewart, and Athens. Drivers can find the cheapest gas in Warner Robins, Albany, and Valdosta.