Arizona doctors start petition to have Gov. Ducey shut down state amid COVID-19 spread

Our political leaders, from the president to the governor, are trying to strike a balance between lives versus livelihoods.

Scottsdale doctor, Dr. Julie Ann Heathcott, started a petition and insists the only way to save both is to shut down the state now, and her petition is picking up signatures almost by the second.

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“I think it gets to a point where the governor has to take some action and he has to lock down the state,“ she said.

Heathcott along side Doctor Julie Kwatra are sounding the alarm.

“We are employing Governor Ducey to have a governor mandated shut down of Arizona state for the next 14 days," Kwatra said.

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So far, Ducey, a businessman, has been reluctant to make the move. Although he seems to creep closer with every news conference.

Both doctors are afraid the governor and other elected officials don’t realize the disaster sitting on their doorstep and that every day they delay, more people and the economy, will suffer.

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