As Federal government shutdown continues, Downtown Phoenix businesses feel its impact

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- The frustratingly long Federal government shutdown is making life difficult for many Federal workers, who find themselves working without paychecks. It's also making life difficult for people in business in the Valley who consider Federal employees valuable customers.

There are lots of Federal government offices in and around Phoenix, especially in Downtown Phoenix. So, they are an important part of the economy here, and not having those people on the jobs is making it tough, especially for restaurants.

Spoonz Cafe has three locations in Downtown Phoenix, with 28 employees in all. Lots of Federal workers come in for the cafe's specialties at the location by 1st Avenue and Adams Street.

"We do all our own baking. Have a baker here. From scratch pastries all day long and gluten free as well," said Denise Bismore.

There's a big menu, featuring sandwiches, salads, you name it, but there is one problem: some Federal workers aren't coming by because of the shutdown.

"So, you know I hadn't thought about it, but I have noticed business not as busy, and it definitely has impacted," said Bismore.

A block away is Hidden Track Cafe. There's a cool vibe, fine coffee, and gourmet specialties to go with it.

"We are just a small business Downtown, a mom and pop place across the street from the Federal building, so we are feeling the effects of the shutdown and we just hope everybody can get back to work I guess," said Reed Keller.

The shutdown is hitting businesses in the pocketbook. People say they hope it ends soon.

"Well I just hope they can resolve it," said Bismore. "I feel bad for these people not working for so long, and the trickle effect is affecting us as well."