Coconino County shelter rescues dog after unlucky run-in with porcupine

A dog from northern Arizona is recovering this morning after getting dozens of porcupine quills removed from his face last week. 

The stray, who the Coconino Humane Association is naming Peter Quill, was rescued after he apparently got into a unfortunate confrontation with a porcupine.

Charlotte Peterson, who works with the association, says they were rescuing animals in the Tuba City area when a resident reported seeing the dog with quills in his face in the area for several days.

Peterson said it took more than three hours to gain the stray's trust to get him safely inside of a kennel.

"Many, many quills were removed out of his poor little face," said Peterson. "He's still got some quills coming out, so this is going to be a rough, rough month for him."

Peter is reportedly feeling much better now, but is still on the road to recovery as he still has some quills in his face.

He may available for adoption as soon as next month.

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