'I can't even sleep in my bed anymore': Tolleson couple nearly hit by stray bullet at hotel

A double shooting at a Tolleson hotel has left guests there in concern for their safety.

The shooting happened at Siegel Suites near 91st Avenue and Interstate 10 on the morning of Sept. 19, and two people were hit. The two victims are expected to survive, and Tolleson Police are still searching for the suspect.

On Sept. 21, we are hearing from neighbors who live right above the victims, who say a stray bullet went through their floor and bed, nearly striking them as well.

The couple who lives above them says they could have been seriously hurt as well

"I have been terrified. I can't even sleep in my bed anymore," said Katrina Graham.

Graham and her husband said they were laying in bed when the shooting happened.

"We heard one gunshot. I heard a female screaming, and we heard the pop from the gunshot, and then we felt our bed jump," said Graham.

The Grahams showed photos of their mattress, which they say Tolleson Police officials cut through to find the stray bullet. They claim the bullet went through the second floor and into their bed.

"The police themselves told me the bullet was a quarter of an inch from hitting me," said Graham. "We literally were doing nothing but laying in our bed, and could have got shot."

Police officials say the suspects are believed to be a man and a woman.

The area has been hit with gun violence, as Tolleson Police officials report three unrelated shootings in that area in the past 72 hours.

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