Gov. Doug Ducey addresses sexual harassment issue during State of the State Address

During his State of the State Address on Monday, Arizona governor Doug Ducey addressed a number of topics, including sexual harassment.

"Icons like Rose Mofford and Sandra day O'Connor fought with grit and determination for fair treatment, and achieved greatness," said Gov. Ducey, referring to a late Arizona Governor, and a former justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Gov. Ducey opened his State of the State by recognizing Arizona's history of powerful women, and speaking out against sexual harassment, which has been a cloud hanging over the State Legislature.

"They didn't do it for women in the year 2018 to face discrimination, misogyny, or harassment," said Gov. Ducey.

Investigations have been launched since multiple women came forward, alleging harassment against State Rep. Don Shooter. Speaker of the State House, J.D. Mesnard, addressed the controversy in his remarks.

"I want to say today that I know we can do better, we must do better," said Speaker Mesnard. "I use that pronoun "we" deliberately. Whether you believe everything that's been written about, we've been called out as an institution, and we must not ignore it."

House Democratic Rep. Rebecca Rios was pleased to hear the issue addressed.

"I was pleased to see that both the governor and the speaker addressed the issue," said State Rep. Rios. "It's important it needed to be addressed. I look forward to the training that's coming, and I and I'm glad it's being addressed at the Governor's level."