'Karen'-themed Halloween display, Power Rangers, creepy crawlers: This week's heartwarming, offbeat headlines

From a controversial "Karen" decoration to some creepy closeups of critters, there was no shortage of intriguing tales this week. Here are some of our favorite heartwarming and offbeat stories from Oct. 15-21 that have helped make our days a little brighter - or at least, more interesting: 

1. Flight attendants from overseas help walk MCSO animals while in Phoenix:  In Arizona, an unusual friendship has formed between rescue dogs and people from out of town, and it's all thanks to a flight attendant from overseas.

2. City takes down 'Karen'-themed Halloween display after community backlash: An image shows a scarecrow dressed in a scarf and t-shirt reading, "Can I speak to the manager?" The scarecrow had an unsettling ‘Momo’ mask and straw hat.

(Historic Prosser)

3. Deep-sea explorers unearth giant shark tooth likely millions of years old - Researchers say they have discovered a massive shark tooth believed to have belonged to the largest shark to have ever lived – the infamous and extinct megalodon.

4. Idaho woman breaks state record with ‘monster’ 3-foot long trout catch: When Hailey Thomas and her family headed to a renowned lake in Idaho to fish and enjoy a beautiful afternoon, she never thought she’d come home a state record holder.

Hailey Thomas with Henrys Lake hybrid trout (photo by Shane Thomas)

5. Brain cells in lab dish learn to play computer game, experiment shows: Scientists said the cells were able to play Pong, a tennis-like computer game. They said their findings give more insight into how the brain functions.

A microscopy image of neural cells where fluorescent markers show different types of cells. Green marks neurons and axons, purple marks neurons, red marks dendrites, and blue marks all cells. Where multiple markers are present, colours are merged an

6. Horseback rider arrested for DUI in California: A horseback rider was arrested in Whittier for suspected DUI (or shall we say, GUI?) over the weekend, according to police. 

7. California restaurant workers dressed as Power Rangers kick into action to stop alleged assault: Power Rangers was undoubtedly one of the best live-action superhero series in the 90s. The squad was in true form as they took down an alleged assailant at an Oakland Ramen shop.

8. 8-year-old boy saves choking classmate: ‘My dad taught me’: An eight-year-old boy is being hailed a hero after saving a classmate who was choking. 

Garrett Brown being honored at a school assembly after saving a choking student. (Credit: Norman Public Schools)

9. Life under the microscope: Nikon photo contest shows creepy closeups, stunning imagery: The winners of the 48th annual Nikon Small World contest for photography under the microscope are in, and one astonishing "image of distinction" is raising hairs around the world.

Extreme closeup of an ant by Dr. Eugenijus Kavaliauskas, Lithuania

10. Arizona woman offers heartwarming gift after girl loses her special blanket: For a girl who was born with half a heart, losing the blanket that has been with her through every single surgery and procedure was tough. However, an Arizona woman stepped up to help, and now, the girl can find comfort once again.