Longtime fans' faith in the Phoenix Suns could win them lots of cash

What were the odds the Phoenix Suns would make it this far in the NBA Finals?

At the beginning of the year, the odds were about 40 to 1. But now they’re knocking on the door of an NBA Championship and some faithful fans could make a bit of money because of that.

There’s plenty of shiny things at Mayas Gold in west Phoenix, but a Suns championship ring would look awfully nice in the display case.

Jesus Flores is a lifelong Suns fan and employee at the jewelry store.

During the Suns' finals run, the store closes earlier so employees can watch the game.

Last year, Flores liked what he saw from the Suns, saying, "We went to the bubble. Went 8-0. I liked that. We got Chris Paul. And I thought they really had something special."

He liked it so much that he put $100 on Phoenix to win the title back in December. That would land him just over $3,000 for keeping the faith.

"You don’t want to believe it. But people today are like, ‘how did you know?’" he said.

Mark and Jenessa Canenguez also have a little money on the game. Mark is a fan who has ticket stubs that go way back to when the seats were affordable.

Jenessa put $20 on the Suns to win it all. It was her first bet ever.

"We made the bet and we really didn’t think anything of it. But now we like to think maybe we were the spark that got it going, so that’s cool," she said.

The Phoenix Suns take on the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday, then head back to Phoenix for Game 5. The Suns lead the series 2-1.

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